ELECTRONOTES Shipping Outside the US

Jan 30, 2013
Foreign Shipping –
A Guide to Forming Orders for Minimum Shipping Costs


(1) We welcome foreign ("overseas", non-Domestic, non-US) orders. Indeed,
we do perhaps 1/3 of our business overseas.

(2) The materials we ship overseas are exactly the same as those in the US.

(3) We pack these in exactly the same way as in the US - Mostly as "Flat-Rate
Priority" (2-3 days in US, 6-10 days overseas).

(4) The differences are that the overseas boxes cost more to ship, and we
need to attach "customs/tracking" forms overseas. [These are a pain for us
and perhaps for you, but they do have the benefit of allowing us to track the
boxes online.]

(5) Flat-Rate-Priority boxes are just that. We can send them full of mostly
air or mostly paper (over 5 inches of papers) and they cost the same.
We do encourage you to form orders to minimize total cost.

(6) The prices on our Price List include shipping to the US. Overseas orders
are charged for the ADDITIONAL postage.

(7) We have two classes of "Overseas". Canada, and everyone else. Shipping
to Canada is of course less.

(8) Currently the cost of a Flat-Rate-Box is $12.35 to the US, $40.95 (+$28.60) to
Canada, and $59.95 (+$47.60) everywhere else. These rates change from time
to time, and numbers on this page may be adjusted accordingly.


(1) So, basically you use US prices, work hard to get full boxes, and the
EXCESS shipping charge is $47.60 per box (most everywhere) and $28.60 per box
in Canada.

(2) The EVERYTHING package is thus $515.80 (most everywhere) and $458.80 (Canada).
Ths US price is $373 so with the excess postage, that's 373+3x47.60 or 373+3x28.60.

(3) We recommend against buying JUST the Musical Engineer's Handbook (MEH)
or JUST the MEH + the Builder's Guide and Preferred Circuit's Collection
(EBG&PCC). Shipping would be $59.95 and the box would be mostly air. We can
easily add 200% additional material and ship at the same rate. This need not
involve that much more expense. The Special "Deal 3" is a very valuable
package of analog material which better fills the box.

(3b) We can just fit the EBG&PCC into a Priority-Flat-rate envelope instead
of a box. THE MEH will NOT fit. The cost of this shipping is $23.95, or
$19.95 to Canada.

(4) If your order consists of items selected from our price list, in order
to best fill a box, see the thicknesses listed below.

(5) Orders by email, top of first page, paid by Paypal are easiest I believe.

(6) Email if you have questions.

(7) We fill out the customs/tracking forms online. Previously we needed
to enter your telephone number as a "required field". They no longer require
this but do ask for your email, which we always have.


The Priority Flat Rate Boxes are US paper size (8.5 x 11 inches) by about 5.5
inches (14 cm) tall and weigh about 12 pounds. Keep this in mind if you have
problems with mail delivery. Note that a full box is actually an outstanding
rate for air mail. The everything package is three nearly-full boxes, and
we will almost always ship all three together. We will email you and you can
usually track them to your door.

Below is the thickness chart. You may not need this at all.

ITEMS: Thickness (cm)
Musical Engineer's Handbook 1.9
Preferred Circuits Collection 1.7

Vol 1-9 (all together) 7.5
Vol 7-11 “Special” (all together) 7.2
Vol 10 1.5
Vol 11,12,13,14,15,16,17 (each) 1.2
Vol 18,19, 20 (each) 1.3
Vol 21 1.2

Extended Service Set 1 4.0
Set 3 283-306 0.7
Set 4 307-316 0.5
Set 5 317-324 0.5
Set 6 325-335 0.6
Set 7 336-349 0.8
Set 8 350-362 0.8
Supplements 1.0

Depth of Standard Box 14.2 cm