Feb 5, 2013

One SSM2050 IC found - envelope generator if I recall.
I will send this free of charge or shipping (US only - sorry) to the first person who asks. This I assume is perfectly
good as I never ever used it myself. Email if interested. THIS IS SPECIFICALLY FOR PERSONAL USE AND NOT TO
BE OFFERED FOR SALE BY THE PERSON I GIVE IT TO. If you don't receive a reply within 5 days of your email,
plesae just assume someone else got it first, and/or look for update here.

Jan 30, 2013

Two Items:

(1) We have just posted our now-annual price increases! These are largely timed to the postal price increases,
although driven by all our costs. The recent postal increases were most severe for foreign shipping, about $8
additional per box. Still, this air priority mail is cheaper than we used to pay for a boat ride!

(2) I have noted a problem with the email account (Yahoo). I did get around to looking at the spam box, and there
is a lot of spam-worthy stuff in that. But I did also note that there were some perfectly good emails in there, and that
they were automatically deleating spam over 30 days, so it is quite possible that some good emails were discarded
unread. Please try again if you never get a reply. I will also try to check the spam every week or so. If I check the
spam settings it says that spamguard is OFF! So none of this makes sense. Anyone know?

Sept 18, 2012

How many times have I told people that my AES "Animation" paper is on this site?
Well - I was wrong and should have checked! It's there now. Actually, I just
put up two more AES papers in the FREE section.

Feburary 17, 2012

Who Gets Credit For Through-Zero FM ?
[ TZFM Note ]

Feburary 12, 2012

A note on the Musical Engineer's Handbook on Amazon!!!!
[Amazon Adventures]

November 16, 2009
In response to a request to post a Slew-Limited S&H from EN#61
In the "Request section" or just click here: [ SL S&H ]
Also have posted AES Exponential FM Paper
In the "Request section" or just click here: [ AES EXP FM ]

October 6, 2009
In response to a request to post one of Ian's Circuits from EN#111
In the "Request section" or just click here: [ IAN ]

September 26, 2009
In response to a request to post my instructions on making circuit boards by the simplet possible method
I have put up App Notes 14-18 in the "Request section" or just click here: [ BUILDING]

September 7, 2009
We will not be shipping any orders from Sept 9-14, 2009.
Orders received over that time period will be shipped Sept 15, 2009.

August 30, 2009 A Webnote on "Linearity"
[Webnote 8-30-2009 NEWN4]
"Linearity" can be confusing, and does not always mean the same thing.
A few comments and Examples.

August 21, 2009 TOPOMSS Part 2c, 2d Posted
That's all folks.

August 21, 2009 A Webnote on 4-Pole VCF"
[Webnote 8-21-2009]
[References for Above]

August 19, 2009 TOPOMSS Part 2b Posted
Two more pieces to go.

August 17, 2009 A Second "Webnote"
This one is about Walsh Functions - Mostly History and Context.
[Webnote 8-17-2009]
[References for Above]

August 15, 2009 More TOPOMSS Posted

Continuing with the "lost manuscript" I have processed about 1/3 of the second section. I worry a bit
about those equations for the Fourier Series coefficients. Of course there are at least two ways to
verify them today that weren't available 25 years ago. First, you can compute the coefficients and
form the series summation. Secondly, you can take a very large number of samples of a single cycle and
compute the DFT, looking for agreement with the formula for at least a dozen coefficients or so. Matlab
would gladly do either or these. But, I got a lot of other stuff to finish first.

I have also posted a "webnote" which is a new thing I am trying. More comments about this later
[Webnote 8-15-2009]

I have also added to the "Friends" page. Discovered Cynthia was not there! Anyone else. I have also
added links to various mailing lists that you probably know more about than I do, along with some comments.

August 12, 2009 First of "Never Published" items posted.

In looking for a couple of "never published" supplement, I found something else. I found a manuscript
of two chapters of what was going to be a new book Theory and Practice of Musical Sound Synthesis.
It was written, I think, about 1980. It kind of went off the front burner when I realized that it was
necessary to earn a living through teaching! What I did here was scan it OCR, which was unusable, but did
permit me to find about 20 typos, which I pasted over, and then I scanned it PDF. There are about another
40 pages of this manuscript which I expect to work on and post.

Thanks to Mike Gorman for posting the message to Synth-DIY. My direct messages never appeared, nor
were they acknowledged.

July 30, 2009 NEED HELP POSTING TO Synth-diy

I wanted to post a message to Synth-diy, but was not successful so far. Mailing from berniehutchins@yahoo.com
bounced as a "non-member" posting pending approval for the moderator. No additional reply however. So I
remembered another account that collected messages from Synth-diy, which I thought would be an authorized
member. Two tries - no posting. Here is the text I was trying to post:

Hi Folks-

To clear the record, Hal Chamberlin and Barry Kline of course asked permission to include Electronotes material
in their books, and permission was given gladly. Both these guys have made outstanding contributions to our
art, have gotten some recognition, but deserve more. During the years I was teaching (like - a month ago!)
every year I related two "Hal" stories to my engineering students as examples to follow. Hal's book was the
one and only book on my shelf that I would never lend out.

The problem I had with unauthorized use of Electronotes material was internet mischief - people posting our
material, not acknowledging the source, often pretending that it was their own. Others claimed that we did
not exist any longer, or made other ridiculous (but damaging) statements.

Since retirement from Cornell, I have had more time to work on Electronotes stuff. One thing you folks might
help with is making more suggestions about who else should be on my "Friends" page.

More on the "permissions" question when I update the FAQ on the Electronotes page.


If someone who knows he/she can post to Synth-diy, and would be willing to put up this message for me,
would email me, that would be appreciated.

Actually, I am only posting this here, because as soon as I do, it is likely it will appear on the list
of its own accord!!!


No big deal, but it does mean that I have more time to work on Electronotes stuff, and so on.

2009 One time offer: In cleaning up we have found an IC "rail" that has in it, two
chips marked MN3010, which would seem to be dual 512 bucket brigade delay lines.
Without any guarantee, I will send one to the first two people who ask for one.
Posted July 2009 - let's see if anyone reads what we put here !

********************** BOTH GONE - It took about two weeks! ************************
**************STAY TUNED - Possibly More Items to be found ***************************


As of May 14, 2007, there are no surface services to our international customers. There is only Express
and Priority. This has actually turned out pretty well, because we can use "flat-rate priority" boxes, which
mean, for orders which fill the boxes, that our international customers can get air delivery for less that we
formerly charged for surface. Please visit the link below for details.

[ Details of Foreign Shipping ]

2007 - Domestic Shipping

The prices given on our price list (below) include domestic shipping. There is no extra charge.
[On overseas shipping, this is a credit - we charge excess shipping above the domestic rates.]
Formerly we had a "west of the Mississippi" charge of $9 on the everything package. This is gone
because of the flat-rate priority boxes. So in general, there is no postage and delivery is within
a week at most (a few exceptions).


PayPal is accepted at berniehutchins@yahoo.com. There is no surcharge to use PayPal. It seems to work
well. In most cases, you just notify us by the PayPal payment what you are ordering - but we do think
it is wise for you to send us a separate email giving us the same information, and repeating your address.


(1) New Issues to be on this Site for FREE.
(2) A request to our old-timers - Who remembers what we did in 1982?
(3) The actual text of our offer to let someone offer a CD of Electronotes.
(4) A special offer on Vol. 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 for $32.



As we move into 2007 we are once again getting to the point where printing costs, and the shift
in ratio between already (long ago) printed back issues and new materials needing to be printed,
seems to dictate an increase in cost of the “everything” package. At the same time, the cost of
postage is increasing. We are also aware that the major interest in our publications is the back
issues, not so much in anything new. Accordingly it seems most useful to not add new subscriptions
to the everything package, but instead, to make them available for free on this web site. You will
note that we have recently added a good deal of recent material to the site. Thus:

(a) The everything package will remain static from this point on. We will continue to include in
the package the printed issues listed, even thought some of them are already on line. The cost
will not increase. But new issues will not be included, and you will be responsible for downloading
them yourselves.

(b) The new materials posted on the web site are free. Copyright still hold of course. If you link
to them, of course you should acknowledge the source and the copyright (Electronotes) information. We
expect materials to remain posted for a minimum of a year after they originally appear, but don’t wait
forever to download them.

(c) We continue to post material from older issues (small, specific portions) as “Special Requests.”
But someone has to ask. One exception to this is the very large block of material on analog filtering.
This material is there to accommodate students who have in recent years seen it on an academic site,
to which they will loose access when they graduate!

(2) A Request to Our Old-Timers -
Who remembers what we did in 1982?
In 1976 we started doing "Application Notes" and we are still doing them, along with Electronotes Newsletter.
Along with the application notes, there were two other publications. The first was the Electronotes Mid-Month
Letter which lasted from 1976 to 1978. There were 26 of them in total, numbered 70A, and 72A through 96A (no 71A).
From 1979-1982 we changed the name to Electronotes Perspectives. There were three full volumes of these 97A-108A,
109A-120A, and 121A-132A, for 1979, 1980, and 1981. There were a few more. These were always a single page,
front and back, and were more like memos and discussions - whatever we wanted to talk about. But they were never
as "essential" as the App Notes and the regular Newsletter, so that seems to be why we changed the name once and
then let them slide (making up with extra App Notes). These are still in print, and come attached to and sometimes
interspersed with the App Notes.
The "Mystery" is concerned with the statement "There were a few more." I have believed for years that there were
only three Perspectives in Vol. 4:

133A Vol. 4 No. 37 Jan 1982

134A/135A Vol. 4 No. 38 Feb/Mar 1982

136A Vol. 4 No. 39 Apr 1982

All three of these deal with acoustical percussive instruments and are marked as having been actually published
in Nov. 1982. These three issues are listed on our shipping form, and they have been in stock for years. Virtually
every time we try to send an "Everything Package" we find we are out of a couple of items. It just happens, and
it is through filling full sets that we find the holes in our inventory and get a reprinting going. I have run
out (or at least believe I have run out) of these three issues. No problem - dig out the file of originals and
hope for the best. WHAT IS THIS! To my surprise, I find originals for 139A (Vol. 4, No. 41, July 1982) and
140A/141A (Vol. 4, No. 42, Aug/Sep 1982). Both of these are on adaptive filtering, and are marked to have been
actually published in March 1983. They are not terribly important in any sense - but where did they come from?

Here are some questions that come up, and I will appreciate your help.

(1) Did we ever send 139A and 140A/141A? Does anyone have them?

(2) What, if anything happened to 137A/138A, which would have been Vol. 4, No. 40, May/June 1982 (I guess).

My best guess is that we stopped with 136A, 137A/138A was slotted for something but never finished, and (perhaps
in consequence) we never sent 139A and 140A/141A. (We were clearly behind and were intending to go to all App Notes
at that time.) Here is the summary of Vol. 4 of Electronotes Perspectives:

Vol. 4, No. 37 133A Jan 1982
(sent and included with back issues)
Vol. 4, No. 38 134A/135A Feb/Mar 1982
(sent and included with back issues)
Vol. 4, No. 39 136A Apr 1982
(sent and included with back issues)
Vol. 4, No. 40 137A/138A May/Jun 1982
(May not exist - does anyone have one?)
Vol. 4, No. 41 139A July 1982
(Originals on File - did anyone get this?)
Vol. 4, No. 42 140A/141A Aug/Sep 1982
(Originals on File - did anyone get this?)

These would all have been mailed with the AN-243 - AN-281 set.

Please email me at berniehutchins@yahoo.com if you have any information. Once we get some idea what happened,
we will probably post any "rare" items - just for fun if nothing else.

Click here for full list of Mid-Months and Perspectives


(3) The actual text of our offer to let someone offer a CD of Electronotes.

In EN#200, in response to prodding by various web personalities, we made an offer to let someone offer a CD
ROM of all the Electronotes. This was a complete presentation of a complex situation, and was intended to
force anyone interested in offering a CD to think the problem through completely. Very likely those who did
read it got the point. As of early 2003, no person has made an offer, inquired further, or even commented
to us directly. {Update 2009: A couple of people and I have discussed this. No takers of the offer though.}
Yet I infer that at least a few people who have not read the offer feel obliged to comment on it. In
consequence, here is the full text of the offer.

[EN#200 TEXT]

(4) A Special Offer on Vol 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 for $32.

About five years ago when we were moving from 1 Pheasant Lane to 1016 Hanshaw Rd., it was of course necessary
to move the Electronotes business, which included the "reserve" inventory, as well as the working inventory on
the shipping shelves. The reserve was situated in what we called the "Horangi Kul" (tiger cave) or crawl-space
under the living area - about three feet vertical paved with pebbles. Getting them out was a strenuous, dusty,
smothering job. Once out the access hole, I loaded them in the truck about a dozen boxes at a time. At the new
house, I had to get in through mud and snow, carry the boxes across the living space, down the cellar stairs,
and stack them against a wall. I could only manage two loads in any evening. In some cases, I set the boxes down
with the label facing out, but not always. And some boxes had different labels on different ends. Each person
reading this has a similar story to tell of course.

In shipping orders over the past five years. we have often had to go to the stack to refill the shipping cubbies.
This was usually difficult and not infrequently, unsuccessful. It was often easiest to run the originals to the
printer. But, when you do this, and then later locate two boxes of what you were looking for.... ! Don Lancaster
said "Doing something stupid once is just plain dumb. Doing it often is a philosophy." For us, we were developing
a philosophy. It was time to organize the pile.

Something else had become apparent. We had not increased the price on the "everything" package for over 12 years.
This we had to do recently because we had added so much new material to the top side, and because we were doing
so much reprinting - most of it was necessary. But now, having reorganized the stack, taken down the boxes, relabeled
them, and set them chronologically against a different wall, we can see the inventory much better. It is clear that we
have way way too many of some items. Fortunately, these are items that are still in demand: Volumes 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11;
which are the heart of the analog synthesizer work.

Because we have too many of these, it makes sense to figure out how to move some. The time and expense spent producing
these is no longer much of an issue, but shipping costs and (new) time spend packing and running to the post office
are. We have decided to offer these five volumes (about a 2.5 inch stack) at a cost of $32, which is 1/3 the individual
item cost. These we will ship by the simplest and least expensive way possible. The $32 includes postage, and this offer
is for US addresses only. Email us: berniehutchins@yahoo.com for quotes to other addresses.

If you wish to order these, just drop us a note with $32 by check or MO, and ask for the special offer on Vol. 7-11.
And please be sure to clearly write your name and address.

Send to:

1016 Hanshaw Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850

As has always been our policy, when you order individual items from us, you can, within one year, order the
"everything" package and take your first payment(s) as credit(s) toward the price of the everything package.